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Ship Your Items Without a GoldKit Gold Pack

When using your own shipping materials to pack your precious gold and silver items, make sure you print out and complete our inventory form and keep a copy for yourself.

Gold pack shipments should be sent to:

When Using FedEx, Airborne and UPS:
please contact customer service for shipping information,

When Using USPS (United States Postal Service):
please contact customer service for shipping information,

Do not reuse old packages or overpack the gold pack with protective materials. Do not tape gold pack items in tissue that will make it difficult for us to remove safely. We suggest small zip-lock bags. Make sure to include the completed inventory form - this will go inside the gold pack shipment.

Not able to use your own shipping materials? If you're not sure that your own gold pack is safe or will not meet our recommendations, fill in the form on the right to order your Free GoldKit® gold pack.

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